Sacred Journeys
Egypt 2016

 Erin Nell

Erin Nell is a unique guide as she has both academic and spiritual information and beliefs.  On the academic side, Erin has studied at, and received graduate and post graduate degrees from, UC Berkeley, and the universities of Arizona, and Leicester in ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, and Roman history, languages and archaeology. She later applied her studies to several excavations and surveys as follows: Erin was the Field Director for three years at an Etruscan/Roman bath complex excavation in Tuscany, Italy; the Director of three complex surveys of over 75 ancient temples in Greece, the Cyclades Islands, Turkey, and Egypt; and co-Director of a Giza Plateau survey that included 10 pyramids (include those of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaura); three mortuary temples, 2 causeways, the Sphinx Solar temple, the Valley temple of Khafre, as well as over 20 mortuary temples, all at Giza.  Erin's academic specialty is archaeo-astronomy via temple alignment, and she believes that the ancient Greeks borrowed much from the ancient Egyptians regarding astronomy and temple construction and alignment.  Now, to many, this idea may seem obvious, the academic world believes that, the ancient Egyptians knew simple skywatching but nothing about mathematical astronomy.  Scholars believe that was developed by the ancient Greeks, without any influence by Egypt whatsoever; Erin believes that, considering the precise alignments of Egypt's temples – especially pyramids –  the ancient Egyptians knew far more about scientific astronomy that has previously been believed by the academic world. 

However, Erin's spiritual side (which includes, healing, psychic reading, ritual, etc) is what actually promoted her academic endeavors.  From the time she was 10, Erin was questioning why people did so many truly bad things in the name of religion (the Spanish conquering the Aztecs and Incas and the Inquisitions and Witch Hunts, for example), and how could it be possible that 'mankind' started with two fully developed humans (Adam and Eve) at the projected time of 4000 to 6000 BC, when the Ziggurats of Babylon had been built by humans in approx 5500 BC, and earlier Egyptian and Turkish cultures, such as those at Nabta Playa, the Gilf Kebir, and Çatalhöyük, date to at least 10,000 BC?  These ideas, combined with a gut feeling that other unseen, yet 'seen' psychic abilities were real (and experienced by her), got Erin to really start questioning exactly where DID we all come from?  After years of seeing many alternate spiritual theories shot down by academics, Erin concluded that if she was to pursue this path, she must be able to argue on the academic level as well as the spiritual.

Erin found that much in academia can be logically proved but there are still many un–addressed areas that, if they can't be proved to within an 'inch-of-their-life" are tossed away and not addressed at all.  The ancient Egyptian religion has several creation myths that contain many divinities with human form.  But where did they come from?  One scientific theory, Panspermia, suggests that most everything on this planet was seeded by extra-terrestrial objects, starting with tiny life forms within meteors landing on Earth, mixing with our atmosphere and later evolving into more tangible living forms.  Are we, as humans, part of that evolution?  Erin's gut tells her "yes."


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