Private Sessions with Sierra Neblina

Sierra comes from Cherokee Medicine line as a Dream Walker and Weaver. She is also a Shaman Practitioner, Minister, Braided Walk-In, Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator and Empath, bringing together a vast quantity of tools and practices to facilitate your work together.

In the first hour, you and Sierra will look at your life and see where to apply the tools and support you need.  We will also perform an energy clearing and we may do a guided meditation or past life regression. You may also be taught new practices to aid in your process, wherever you may be. You can be a beginner just waking up or you can be an advanced Lightworker. Wherever you are is perfect and there are no criteria that you need in advance to work with Sierra.

Examples of topics we can address:

  • Ascension symptom support:  Dizziness? Ringing of the ears? Headaches? These are all symptoms of the frequency change on the planet. Learn how to balance this and utilize the energy for your own transformation.
  • Personal mission: How to discover it or how to refine the mission you already have.
  • Spirit Guide introductions:  Want to know who your spirit guides are? Want to know how to better communicate with them?
  • Walk-in integration and support: Do you think you may be a Walk-In? Do you need support in your integration?
  • ET abduction support: Do you think you have been abducted? Do you have dreams or regular occurrences?
  • Hybrid program support: Do you think you may be a part of the Hybrid program? Have you lost a child or have you been regularly abducted?
  • Life Coaching:  Are you stuck in old patterns? Need some guidance/direction?


If you’d like to get started, click on “Schedule a Session.” If this is your first session with Sierra please select “Initial One Hour Consultation.” Be sure to add your email, phone number and your time zone. We will then get to you with the next available opening in the schedule.

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Initial One Hour Consultation Session

$90.00 USD

Initial Two Hour Consultation Session

$175.00 USD

Follow-up One Hour Consultation Session

$85.00 USD

Follow-up Two Hour Consultation Session

$170.00 USD

1/2 Day, in Person Intensive - 4.5hrs

$450.00 USD

2 Day, in Person Retreat Intensive

$1000.00 USD