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Mondays         Becoming a Cosmic Citizen with Don Daniels and Sierra Neblina       8-10pm EST

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Sierra Neblina- Founder of and GalacticU Radio Network

The show "A Galactic Perspective with Sierra Neblina" is an interactive radio show with Sierra Neblina where you can call in to ask questions that pertain to Ascension, disclosure, Galactic energy downloads, Walk-Ins, Starseeds, Off-Grid Living, Sustainable Living, Free Energy and more.

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Other Radio Appearances by Sierra Neblina
In other radio appearances, Sierra discusses her life, what it means to be a Walk-in, disclosure and more:


Don Daniels 

Don Daniels has always been one to explore outside the box. He was interested from youth in a variety of topics ranging from ESP to Cosmology to Nature and Science, to books about near death experiences and life after life, to UFO's. Not content to just read, Don would experiment where possible. For instance, he built scale models of the pyramids and experimented with pyramid energy, managed to avoid any direct experience with Near Death, but does have a number of friends who did, and participated in UFO research outings. A commercial airline pilot by trade and a Mystic at heart, Don has always had a wide variety of other interests as well.


It was on his very first UFO research outing that Don had an experience that led to the writing of his book, Evolution Through Contact – Becoming a Cosmic Citizen. A very high quality interactive UFO encounter occurred that night where the group flashed lights at the craft and it flashed back (and more)! This triggered a period of philosophical introspection into the meaning of other life in the universe and our place in that larger universe, a journey that ultimately led to contact with people from other worlds. This GalacticU course takes you on that journey within your own consciousness, and leads you on a path towards becoming a Cosmic Citizen yourself. We plan for this to be a very interactive course, with YOU sharing your experiences and insights as we go. We will also include some simple exercises to help prepare YOU to become likewise, a Citizen of the Universe.


See you around the Galaxy.




Justin Deschamps

Born in Portland Maine to a 3rd generation Irish-English mother and 1st generation Dominican father I moved to Reading Massachusetts when I was 2 years old. My father, raised Catholic and my Mother, raised Protestant, they chose to raise me Agnostic. I was exposed to religion, disagreed, and took on a polarized atheistic philosophy. Despite this, I had a fascination with understanding everything I experienced and was fortunate to have parents who spent a great deal of time nurturing my curiosity. I always knew I came to Earth for a reason, and found myself in situations where I could help others with what i learned from life. 

A basket of transformative experiences was to befall me at an early age into my late teens, combined with my franticly analytical mind yielded empowering lessons. I spent 2 years in College studying physics and found I understood much of the information at an intuitive level. After leaving school due to loss of financial aide, I spent the next 2 years battling heroin and cocaine, leaving for Florida in late 2004 to rebuild myself. After a year of deep self analysis, I learned a great deal about psychology and biology, developing my own system for exploring consciousness. 

In late 2009 I met Julian Robles, my partner and in mid 2010, after discovering cures for cancer, my awakening journey began. Within 6 months, after countless hours of research I began to question my Atheistic beliefs. My omnivorous appetite for information gave me a holistic scope of understanding. Discovering the truth about our intelligent Universe triggered quantum leap of understanding, allowing me to finally heal some of the deepest wounds of my past. 

My work of serving others took a larger step forward when I began working at a call center in early 2011. The alienation of the awakening experience can feel daughnting, but I decided to muster the courage and share all I knew helping many along the way. In March of 2013, Jeremy E McDonald invited us to host a Radio Show on his Blogtalk Network, Soul Talk Radio; Stillness in the Storm. In July, we decide to create a compaign blog, sharing all of the information we learned over the years. Moving to Morocco in early 2014 a new chapter of the work began. Presently, I am researching DNA, Fractality, and the physics of consciousness, also sharing techniques for applied consciousness healing by harmonizing with Natural Law Principles and revealing the symbolic or thought form basis of reality. I enjoy working personally with others and expanding the heart felt connections as a result of applying truth in our lives. We, by our thoughts, emotions and actions create this reality together, our chorus can either be a cacophony or a symphony. We get to choose.



Julian Robles (°1988, San Diego, California ) 

I create photos, media art, am co-producer of the blog Stillness in the Storm and have my own personal blog Transcendent Explorer. By applying awareness, I investigate the dynamics of consciousness, the effects of its manipulation and the limits of spectacle based on our assumptions of what consciousness means to us. 

With my photos I try to establish a link between the landscape or subject matter’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our existence.

My work doesn't always reference recognizable form. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. By taking daily life as subject matter while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of modern day values, what is often created is work using creative game tactics, but these are never permissive. Play is a serious matter: during the game, different rules apply than in everyday life and even everyday objects undergo transubstantiation.

My works are characterized by the use of everyday objects in an atmosphere of modern day mentality in which recognition plays an important role. Currently living in Martil, Morocco.

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