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Sacred Journey Egypt April 8th-24th 2016

Itinerary Sacred Journey Tours Egypt 2016:

Cairo, Bahariya, White Desert, Bahariya, Farafra and Kharga Oasis, Luxor, Aswan.

This wonderful and spiritually based trip will be limited to 25 people so get your deposit in to save your place! 

With your guides,
 Erin Nell and Sierra Neblina

Dr. Erin Nell

   Sierra Neblina

ITINERARY: to access the radio show that covers the iteneray in more detail CLICK HERE

EXTRAS:  Hathor scyring mirror, e-program and trip handbook for temples.
               BD = Breakfast and Dinner; BLD =  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  

DAY1: 8 Apr Fri; Upon your arrival in Egypt you will be met by our tour representative and taken to our Giza hotel. Overnight hotel: Dinner

DAY 2: 9 Apr Sat; After Orientation, we visit the Saqqara necropolis (3rd Dynasty) where the Pyramids of Djoser and Teti and, as see the Nobles’ tombs. After this we take horses or camels (your choice) from Saqqara, by the Abu Sir (5th Dynasty pyramids) and spend time at Abu Ghurob at the Sun Temple of Niuserre. Giza Hotel: Breakfast/Dinner w/Light Lunch.
Meditation: Set your Space to ancient Egypt.

DAY 3: 10 Apr Sun; Today we spend time at the Giza plateau in the pyramids of Khufu and Khafre, as well as the Sphinx, Kafre’s Mortuary temple, and Panoramic Point. The highlight for today will be a private hour inside Khufu’s pyramid. Afterwards we have lunch in the Siwa Oasis perfume shop, while testing the various scents of pure flower oils exported from Siwa. Finally, we travel to the Bahariya Oasis and spend the night at theBedouin Castle. FB. As today is the Ancient Egyptian festival celebration of The Adoration of Anubis (who prepared the dead for burial, and escorted them across the abyss), today’s meditation is very apt:

Meditation: Journey to the Afterlife with the Pyramid Texts. 


Bedouin Castle
Bedouin Castle









  DAY 4: 11 Apr Mon; After you wake up refreshed from the gorgeous palm grove/sand cliff panoramic views from your Bahariya oasis hotel and have breakfast, we will explore the Museum of the Golden Mummies, two ancient Egyptian tombs of local wealthy landowners, and see the Ain Muftella and Alexander the Great temples. After lunch at the Bedouin Castle, we will meander thru the Oasis’ natural scenic wonders: the vast palm groves, Pyramid mountain where dinosaur skeletons have been uncovered, the Salty Lake, visit an ancient Bedouin town as well as the WWI English army lookout on top of English mountain, where the best vies of the oasis and desert can be captured. After dinner there will be party with live Bedouin music in a luxurious Bedouin tent. Bedouin Castle. FB.

Meditation: The Sacred Space between Earth and the Universe


DAY 5: 12 Apr Tue; We begin our White Desert Safari at 10 am. This off-road, wild, sand-dune riding, trip includes: the Black Desert (pre-historic

volcanoes), Crystal Mountain (pre-historic giant crystle geode), Aqabat (rolling dunes snaking between steep desert cliffs), the Flower Desert

(40- million year old petrified sea shells and coral), Ain Hadra (tiny

oasis w/small spring), Tent Valley (Chalk rock mounds looking like a

sea of nomad tents), and the Old and New White Deserts (30-ft tall chalk inselbergs in strange shapes: the Sphinx, Horus, mushrooms, etc). Bedouin Camping: White Desert under a blanket of stars. FB.

Ritual/Meditation: Primal Power and Desert Gods (Seth, Sekhmet, Ptah, and Nephthys). 













DAY 6: 13 Apr Wed; Today we travel south thru the Farafra and Dakhla oases. In Dakhla we will visit the Temple of San Hagar (Seth, Amun, Mut & Khonsu), and the 1000-yr old ancient Bedouin town of Qasr with its narrow, curving streets, ancient mosque, and governor’s house built with ancient Egyptian temple blocks. Tonight we stay at a Nubian domed Dakhla Hotel with magnificent views of this oasis, which is surrounded by steep desert cliffs. FB.


DAY 7: 14 Apr Thu; We leave Dakhla and go east thru the Kharga Oasis, and north to Lebekha. Lebekha is a remote desert spot, surrounded by majestic cliffs and features a Roman fortress, temple and four tombs. Here we will create our Bedouin camp while enjoy swimming in our private pool, which is fed with pure water from the nearby ancient Egyptian aqueduct system. Bedouin Camping with pool, toilets & showers. FB. Ritual/Meditation: Balance: Feminine meets Masculine in Antiquity.


DAY 8: 15 Apr Fri; After breaking camp, we visit the newly renovated Hibis temple, an Egyptian/Persian sacred site with anunusual image of Seth with a Falcon head inside. Then we continue our journey south thru the Egyptian towns of: Palestine, Baghdad, turning east at Paris on our way to Luxor. Gezira Gardens Hotel, West Bank, Luxor. HB w/LL.


DAY 9: 16Apr Sat; Today, after a late start, we visit by boat, the largest religious complex in the ancient world – Karnak. After walking thru the sacred connecting temples, we also pay a special visit to the oracular Temple of the Hearing Ear, allowing the Seven-Chakra doorway to pull us in to an alternate dimension. Afterwards, we move on to the Mut complex, where over 700 Sekhmet statues were placed (about 200 remain). Our late lunch will be at the charming Oasis restaurant on Luxor’s East Bank and afterwards, we will visit the Luxor temple at sunset. Gezira Gardens Hotel: HB w/lite dinner.

Meditation: Temple Energies: Half-Way Terrestrial Houses where the Earth and Heavens Meet.


DAY 10: 17 Apr Sun; After breakfast we take our coach north to the temple of Hathor at Dendera, where powerful, primordial creation scenes are in the underground crypts, as well as the famed Dendera zodiac ceiling on the second floor. We return to the West Bank and visit three fabulous tombs in the Valley of the Kings (Tausert, Siptah, and Ramesses III) as well as the tomb of either Tutuankhamun or Rameses V/VI, with the fabulous astronomical scenes and mysterious Guardians of the Gates. Hotel: Gezira Gardens. HB w/LL.

Meditation: The Journey: the 12 Gates of the Afterlife, and Those Sacred Deities whom You will Meet.


DAY 11: 18 Apr Mon; In the morning we see our last set of West Bank tombs at Deir el-Medina. These tombs of the workmen who built and decorated the Royal tombs are incredibly colorful and feature scenes of daily life without the rigid royal standards. Afterwards we head south and visit the Khnum temple at Esna. This sacred place of this creator god is filled with symbolism and astronomical connotations. Then we board our private Dahabiya boat, and sail south.

Meditation: Freedom and Owning Temple Energies. We dock at Fawza Island for dinner and bonfire party and sleep in our Dahabiya. FB

Kom Abdu from Cruise Ship       Kom Abdu

DAY 12: 19Apr Tues; In the morning we set sail for Edfu to visit the temple of Horus and the site of the final confrontation between Horus and Seth and the Festival of the Beautiful Meeting between Horus and Hathor. After sailing for a bit we explore Silsila, the quarry/town of Horemheb where recent archaeological discoveries have been made. This evening we dock on el-Hagaz Island and sleep peacefully in our Dahabiya. FB. Meditation: Horus & Hathor: Intermixing divine Feminine and Masculine Energies. 


DAY 13: 20 Apr Wed; After breakfast we continue south, sailing to the temple of Haoeris & Sobek at Kom Ombu, and explore this small jewel of a temple in an area inhabited in ancient times by plethora of crocodiles and elephants. After the temple, we visit the Kom Ombu Crocodile museum where mummified crocodiles (sacred to Sobek) are housed. This evening we dock on Faris Island with our Dahabiya. FB.

Meditation: Haoeris and Sobek/Seth: Powerful Universal Balance.

DAY 14: 21 Apr Thu; Our Dahabiya arrives in Aswan in the morning. We disembark after breakfast and visit Isis’ Cult Center on Philae Island (Agilka). After, we take a private boat thru the flora and fauna filled Nile cataracts to our hotel just south of Aswan in the Nubian Village. Afternoon for rest and relaxation or visiting the local Nubian bazaar. HB w/LL. Meditation: The Power of Isis and the Sacred Feminine.



DAY 15: 22 Apr Fri; In the morning we set out on our private cataract boat to spend a leisurly day meandering along the Nile thru the cataract rocks which are part of some of the earliest rock created on our planet. We make one stop at Elephantine Island to visit the cult–place temples of Khnum, Satet, and Anuket – the powerful Inundation and Nile triad. Afterwards we cruise to our favorite outdoor Nubian coffee house, under the trees and on the Nile for swimming and purification meditation in the Nile. Meditation: Absorption & Amalgamation: Ancient Egyptian Sacred Site Energies. HB w/LL.

DAY 16: 23 Apr Sat; On our final day in Egypt, we cruise amongst the cataracts on the Nile and spend the day contemplating and swimming in rest and relaxation.

Final Meditation: Personal Future Creation: Egypt, Birth, Death and Soul Parts. and creating for the future. Evening Nubian farewell party.

Farewell Dinner at our Nubian Hotel. HB w/LL. HB w/LL.

DAY 17: 24 Apr Sun; Airport transfers to the Aswan airport to catch your international flights home. Breakfast then Bon Voyage.  



Day before tour: 7 Apr Mon: KERDASSA SHOPPING, DINNER AND HOTEL For those of you who have arrived a day early, we offer an option for that day of shopping in the best – and least expensive – shopping area in Egypt: Kerdassa. With one of our staff to help you bargain (if you feel uncomfortable doing it), the prices get even lower. Afterwards, we will serve you a welcome dinner of original, tasty Egyptian food at one of our homes, in a warm family environment of real Egypt. This option also includes an extra night at our hotel, based on double occupancy.

This Option is an additional $200 per person.



Day before tour: 7 Apr Thurs: COPTIC CAIRO and the KHAN EL-KHALILI BAZAAR We will take you on a tour of Coptic Cairo, the place where Moses was pulled from the Nile, where Jesus and the Holy Family stayed, and where many Jews came to live in exile. We will tour the Ben Azra synagogue, the Hanging Church, and the church of St. Sergius thru out the paved and curved streets for walking traffic only. Afterwards, we will visit the world famous Khan el-Khalili bazaar (the best in the Middle East) that was established over 1000 years ago, and where the center for Islamic Studies (Al-Azhar) was established 1000 years ago, making it the oldest university in the world. This option includes: all transportation during the tour, airport transfers to/from your hotel, Guide, Water, and Breakfast and Dinner and Accommodation at your hotel.

This Option is an additional $200 per person.  Please contact Erin to make arrangements.


Bedouin camel herdTRIP INCLUDES

All transportation: airport transfers, big bus and/or coaster depending on # of people, all jeeps, plane tickets [Cairo to Aswan and Luxor to Cairo], 3 nights Nile cruise, small boats to islands, etc, horses/camels from Saqqara to Abu Ghurob), etc.

All hotels: 2 nights Barcelo in Cairo, 2 nights Bedouin Castle, 1 night Bedouin camping in the white desert, 2 nights Siwa (Ghailet Spa or Shali Lodge or equivalent), 1 night Beau Site hotel (private beach) in Marsa Matrouh, 3 nights Isis Pyramisa Island hotel in Aswan, 3 nights Deluxe 5-star Nile Cruise, 2 nights Gezira Gardens hotel in Luxor.

Camping:  includes: tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, windbreaks, carpets, tables, cooks, campfire, music, experienced desert drivers, all food as listed, and all permissions.

All tickets and permissions: Giza plateau, Khufu's pyramid, now free to walk into Sphinx area, Abu Ghurob, Saqqara, White Desert National Park, Desert army permission, Army permission Bahariya/Siwa, Oracle temple, Fatnas Spring, Cleopatra Baths, Deir Bishoi or Deir Surri (Wadi Natrun 4th c AD monasteries), Elephantine Island temples, Philae, Nubian Village, Nubian/Egyptian Museum (Aswan), Kitchners's Island, Kom Ombu and Edfu temples, Valley of the Kings, Ramesseum, Medinet Habu, Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut temple, Dendara temple, Karnak, Mut precinct.

Security: There will be as many as 5 men for security as well as at least one plain-clothes police (up to 3 depending on the area) with us at all times.  Army will also be with us as we travel from Bahariya to Siwa and in Siwa (we carry a satellite phone as well).  2 extra helpers at Saqqara and the Giza plateau in addition to the 5 of us and police listed.  These numbers will fluctuate depending on the number of guests. 

All food as listed in the program: (usually B-Breakfast or BLD- Breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Coffee and tea included with breakfast.  Two large bottles of water per day included.  Sodas, beer, wine, alcohol, shishaw (water pipes) are extra.

    1.    A live music/dancing party in the Bedouin Castle tent  
    2.    A live music/party when camping in the White desert 
    3.    A galabiya party on the cruise ship on the last night
    4.    A dance lesson party on the 27th of Oct (last night of trip).  Dance party includes belly dance     instructor and live musicians.

Tips:  Tips are included for everything, meaning: all hotels and food service, police every day, bus, jeep, cruise and small boat operators, antiquities sites, all of us working on the trip.  So nobody should feel obligated to tip. If you feel that we did a great job, going above and beyond then of course you are invited to give the tips directly to Erin or Sierra.

Extras:  Hathor hand mirror (1 for every guest -received first day at orientation).  Meditations and ritual as listed in the program and a scanned trip handbook emailed to each guest.  The book will include:
    1)    All rituals and chants we will do from Old world Egyptian belief systems
    2)    Plans for each temple indicating what is where and on which wall
    3)    And general info on each temple (such as: we go to Dendera and Edfu. In ancient times, the statue of Hathor went from her temple to visit her consort, Horus, in his temple at Edfu.  Six months later, Horus came to Hathor, etc).  Just enough info to give our guests a firmer idea of where we are so you can anticipate the temples. 

Shopping: We will make five stops, and on two, guests will have the option to return to the hotel instead.
    1.    Perfume: at the Giza Plateau at the Siwa perfume shop (all of their flowers are harvested in Siwa, so we will incorporate the perfume when doing our ritual in Siwa.).  This shop also sells packages for each of the 7 chakras.  
    2.    Gold/Jewelry/stuff:  this shop is near our Cairo hotel so our guests will have the option of returning to the hotel or shopping.  They will make the gold/silver cartouches and have them ready for us at the hotel.
    3.    Berber shopping at the Shali plaza in Siwa.
    4.    Alabaster:  After Hatshepsut's temple in Luxor (for a break and box lunch).  
    5.    Papyrus:  In Luxor near our hotel.  Better prices and really nice craftsmanship. Guests will have the option of going back to the hotel if others want to stay and shop.  This will be on the Valley of the Kings day.  

Purfume ShopSiwa Shopping

Optional shopping:  Our island hotel in Aswan has free boats dropping off/picking up people at the Aswan Egyptian/Nubian souk.


Alcohol, beer, wine, or sodas, personal items, medicine, evacuation insurance, trip insurance or cameras.

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